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The Medi-Body Pack

Few substances work as well as clays, muds and magma rich in fulvic and humic acids for restoring coherence to the biofield and tissues. This is known as mud packing Interference Fields, and this mineral-rich mud is a component in Medi Body Pack by Premier Research Labs.

Along with this special mud, Aloe Detox and HCL are mixed together to make a therapeutic mud pack placed on 1 site at a time for a 10 minute period. Each site is packed twice for a total of 20 minutes each site.

In order to achieve the highest level of tissue cleansing and detoxification clinical experience has shown it is best to ensure first that the download of the pathway of detox, the hands and feet are clear and open. This means the hands and feet are not already blocked with a toxic overload.

Once the hands and feet have been cleared you are able to move to the other interference fields on the body. This will ensure your body can handle the clearing of other interference fields on the body. If the hands and feet are not blocked then you are able to go to the areas more central to the body or old trauma sites and scars.

  • Mud Packs rejuvenate cells so your body can repair and heal
  • Allows the body to return to ideal resonance
  • Increases micro circulation, lymph flow, immune system function
  • Medi-Body Pack eases muscle tension
  • Can be applied externally to clear toxic bioaccumulation
  • It is a deep cleansing for the entire body
  • Mud packs can improve mobility, neuralgia and joint pain
  • and can repair damaged tissue

Mud Packing requires no more than a 2 hour session for packing.

First time sessions are 2 ½ hours: 30 minutes for testing each site, 2 hours for packing.

Session include all ingredients for packing and foot bath.