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What is Ear Coning?

Ear coning, traditionally called “candling,” is done with a special type of cone that is placed along the outer ear. There are many types of ear cones which have different shapes and sizes ranging in appearance from a straw to the size of a dinner candle.

Some are made with paraffin and bleached a material which gives the concept of a clean medical appearance. However, the chemicals used in making those ear cones are potentially dangerous to the human body.

The cones used in our session are made of natural material and handcrafted with all cotton material, then processed with a blend of Soya wax, Bee’s wax, and essential oils, which helps to soothe the nerves and treat energy.

The oils used in the cone are eucalyptus, sage, tea tree, clove French lavender, and peppermint. The cone used is a thicker medium size cone which allows the cone to retain its shape for a slower burn.

I have tried smaller cones and well as larger ones. I have chosen these cones for how efficient they are as well as quality, safety and comfort. The cone is dipped a second time for a smooth surface comfort at the ear and to create a seal. The seal is the most important feature when creating a vacuum. The cones used are made by King Cone.

An ear coning session generally lasts about an hour. The client lies down on a treatment table and towels are placed over the head leaving the ear exposed, covering the hair, head, neck and shoulder.

The head is tilted in a downward angle, so the cone will be upright and off to a slight angle. The practitioner then lights the larger end of the ear cone and while burning, gently places the smaller tapered end of the cone in the mouth of the ear canal, at a 90-degree angle. The cone is allowed to burn down approximately 2-3 inches before it is gently removed for cleaning.

The process is repeated two more times until only about 5 inches of the cone remains. The same procedure is then followed with the other ear. When both ears have been coned the client relaxes still further while the ear energy is balanced.


  • Loosen and eliminate accumulated wax
  • Soothe allergies, tone nerves
  • Possible relief of ingrown ear hair
  • Relieve earaches 
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Burn off excess mucus in middle and inner ear
  • Improve breathing, sinuses and nasal passages
  • Hearing disorders, e.g., Meniere’s and tinnitus
  • Sleep better, eliminate snoring
  • Correct vision disorders, astigmatism and dry eyes
  • Balance equilibrium vertigo or dizziness
  • Helps impaired senses, smell and taste

How does it work?

The way in which the cone works is purely energetic and its function is an energetic modality comparable to the fields of reflexology and acupuncture. This type of healing shifts the body’s autonomic nervous system from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state is well known in the fields of reflexology and acupuncture

These modalities encourage healing as the body shifts for a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state within the autonomic nervous system.

Ear coning strengthens and purifies the energy fields of our body with its vortex energy that implodes through our bodies.

The heat from the flame creates a stimulating, soothing, warming effect. By adding heat to the system, in such a subtle way, results in stimulation of lymphatic drainage. Along with these effects is a vortex created with in the candle. The vortex is created as a reaction to the cone burning and is created inside the cone. A vortex is created when the outside of the smoke in the candle moves slowly while the center of the smoke in the candle moves fast. Like in a tornado.

This is how the implosive energy is created within the ear.  This vortex motion causes a drop in temperatures and an increase in density which allows the body to relax and shift from a parasympathetic state to a sympathetic state.

As the ear candle is burning down within the auric field creating spiral vortex energy, it affects the human electrical grid; the implosive energy hits this place of consciousness and travels down to the root chakra. The chakra system feeds and supports the glands, the immune system and then integrates the brain leading it to a higher state of consciousness and calm.

This extra energy is allowing many systems of the body to release blockage and allow for physical manifestation in the body’s healing.

History of Ear Coning

It is unclear where ear coning originated, what is known for certain if that it has been used for thousands of years in many different societies. Ear coning is an ancient homeopathic remedy and the mechanics of this process are energetic in nature.

Some of the instruments used for this cleansing were made from clay tubes.  Archaeological discoveries have shown these different ancient cultures using these instruments for conducting cleansing techniques before initiating spiritual rituals.

Some of these instruments were made from clay tubes, with double helixes carved into them. Papyrus reeds were formed into a paper like substance then rolled into a corn shape. Corn stalks were hollowed.

In Central America, they used newspaper rolled into a cone shape, dipped into wax, and then set on fire. Or, a cigarette, and/or pipe smoke is inhaled then blown into the ear. Historically, it seems like there are many different ways to initiate the spiritual cleanse.

Who can use ear coning?

Ear coning can be used on infants from 5 months of age to adults of any age years as well as on animals.

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Session last approximately 45minutes