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Frequently Asked Questions About
Ear Coning

Q. Is ear coning safe?

A. Yes, very safe. You are monitored by the therapist during the entire session. The client is covered, neck, head and face. And there is a protection guard between you and the cone.

Q. I was told there is no discomfort, so does this mean the ear coning session is comfortable?

A. Yes, very comfortable. You may rest on your side while the session is being done.  It is so comfortable, warm and soothing that the body starts to relax and shift from a sympathetic state to a healing parasympathetic state, inducing many to almost fall asleep. This is when the body starts its healing.

Q. Is the powder and wax material that comes out of the cone, does that come out of the client’s ear?

A. No that is just a chemical reaction between the fabric being burned and the wax.

Q. So why is it that the material left inside of the cone looks like the darker wax inside the client’s ear?

A. When the cone is burning down the heat forces some wax on the outer side of the cone into the center of the cone.  As the wax passes the burning part of the flame the wax takes on a darker color as it enters the center of the cone.

Q. What is the powdery material in the center of the cone that comes out when the wax and cone are being cleaned?

A. It is a chemical reaction of the fabric being burned.  That material is what is left of the fabric.

Q. Is there any material that comes out of the client’s ear during or after a coning session?

A. No, the coning session will assist in the healing. The mild heat from the vortex will help loosen wax build up so it can move freely on its own out or be removed by the client.

Q. Why is it that other practitioners have said that the material that comes out of the cone is from the clients’ ear?

A. That is a false statement, that is a story and belief that keeps being repeated to just about every new learner of ear coning.  To actually disprove this belief is to actually do the coning on any object and you will get the same results in the cone as you do on a person. The only difference is the object will not receive any benefit as a person would. As they say the proof is in the pudding.

Q. Then why would I want to do an ear coning and what benefit would I get.

A. Ear coning is a modality, complementary to the healing arts and can assist the body in a multitude of areas of healing.  It can be explained by comparing it to acupressure by shifting the energy of the body to a healing state.