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Up Coming Hawaiian Colon Hydrotherapy
Certification Retreat

Intentional Health/Intentional Health Hawaii is looking forward to the year 2014 for a one of a kind retreat in Hawaii. The retreat is for anyone wanting to practice colon hydrotherapy, work for a colon hydrotherapist or have it in your tool box.

Your 7 day stay will include your Core Curriculum; Subjects are Colonic Theory, Human Anatomy, Operating Protocol, Client Protocol and Complimentary Modalities. Modalities that enhance colon hydrotherapy such as Abdominal Shiatsu massage and other various cleanse. Daily tests are provided to eliminate one large test at the end of the week.

Your class will be facilitated by Lynda Newton of Intentional Health and “Kealoha” (The Beloved) Terra Ann of Intentional Health Hawaii. Those seeking to have colon hydrotherapy prior to the classes that are visiting the Big Island please contact “Kealoha” Terra Ann.

Intentional Health Hawaii

Cleansing Programs & Colonics

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Enjoy the clarity of a clean colon!

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method to:

  • Rejuvenate every Cell of the Body 
  • Release toxins & Cleanse the Blood
  • Empower the Immune System 
  • Hydrate & Restore the pH Balance of the body

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*Unbeatable Value… includes:

•UV Infrared Sauna •Amethyst Biomat Treatment with •HydroSans Medical Grade Equipment and post session relaxing •Gravity Free Magnetic Hanging Bed

Come and be pampered in our tropical spa oasis!


“Kealoha” Terra Ann – Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Leading wellness education since 2006.


Your retreat will include some of the following:

Intentional Health Hawaii image 4Certification
Package Room/Board
Meals (Vegetarian), Breakfast/Lunch, (M-F)
Gravity Free Magnetic Hanging Bed
Black Sea Salt Scrubs
Guest speakers
Rejuvenating Spa
UV Sauna and Fitness Gym
Yoga Classes


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Intentional Health Hawaii Core Curriculum Certification will be held at Hawaiian Sanctuary. For other Tropical Rainforest Retreats and classes, please see links below. Kealoha Terra Ann


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