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 Intentional Health Hawaii and Intentional Health California

Colonic Certification Retreat

At The Hawaiian Sanctuary, Pahoa, Hawaii

The first one of its kind: Colonic Certification Retreat

Facilitators: Terra Ann Pracht, CHT and Lynda Newton, MT, CHT

Terra-Ann-PrachtLynda Newton

Have you ever considered some type of a health certification course?  Have you ever considered a course yet preferred to take a break from your normal way of doing it? This certification course offers a unique opportunity for anyone wanting to practice colon hydrotherapy, work for a Colon Hydrotherapist, fine tune your skills or just have it in your tool box.

Intentional Health/Intentional Health Hawaii Inc. is looking forward to 2018 for a one of a kind retreat in Hawaii. This 7 day Edu-Vacation includes both a core curriculum and hands-on, supervised, practical application. Subjects included are:

  • Colonic Theory
  • History of Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Human Anatomy
  • Operating Protocol
  • Client Protocol
  • Complementary Modalities

Daily homework and tests are part of the learning process, which eliminates one large test at the end of the week. Certificates are given at the completion of the retreat training in a Hawaiian Style Graduation Celebration.

This CHT certification will allow you to transform yourself educationally in colon health and gain the tools to help transform the health of others.

Improve your diet and life style while experiencing an emotional detox by unwinding and relaxing in a Hawaiian paradise. Fall asleep to the sounds of nature and wake in a beautiful, tropical rain forest.

Your retreat will be facilitated by “Kealoha” (The Beloved) Terra Ann of Intentional Health Hawaii Inc., Pahoa, Hawaii, and Lynda Newton of Intentional Health, California. The retreat is a 7 day stay on the Big Island of Hawaii (The Healing Island) at The Hawaiian Sanctuary located in Pahoa, Hawaii.

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Colonic Training Facility


Your class room…

… where you will experience a TROPICAL EDUCATION

… in the spirit of ALOHA





Your 7 day retreat will include:

  • Your Colon Hydrotherapy Certification
  • Package Room/Board 7 Day Stay
  • Meals (Vegetarian), Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Group Tours
  • Trip to Ancient Warm Ponds
  • Snorkeling with vibrant, tropical sea life
  • Black Sand Beach
  • Gravity-Free Magnetic Hanging Bed
  • Ozone Jacuzzi & Infrared Sauna
  • Yoga Classes & Fitness Gym
  • Special Music Performances
  • Select Community Events
  • Guest Speakers

Optional Services Available:

Massage w/ Certified Massage Therapists

  • Please understand that, due to the nature of group travel and circumstances beyond our control (weather, traffic, delays, etc.), schedules and venues are subject to change without notice.

To view the week’s entire schedule and classes

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Sample of a Day Schedule:

  7:00    –     8:00am…   Morning Yoga or Fitness Training

  8:00    –     9:00am…   Blissful Breakfast

  9:15    –   12:30pm…   Colon Hydrotherapy Training

12:30    –     3:30pm…   Catered Lunch Off-Site/Snorkeling at Hot Ponds – Play Time

  3:00    –     5:30pm…   Colon Hydrotherapy Training

  5:30    –     7:00pm…   Dinner at Lounge, Prep For Morning Test, Spa, Socialize


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For Questions Contact: Terra Ann of Intentional Health Hawaii Inc.


toll free: 800.309.8010 * mobile: 310.261.2587 * fax: 808.748.0033

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For those that are visiting the Big Island and would like to
have a colon hydrotherapy session,
please contact:

“Kealoha” Terra Ann of Intentional Health Hawaii Inc.

toll free: 800.309.8010 * mobile: 310.261.2587 * fax: 808.748.0033


For those seeking colon hydrotherapy in the Los Angeles Area, please contact:

Lynda Newton of Intentional Health

phone: 310.214.9411

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