Lynda Newton, CHT, CMT Certified Colon Hydrotherapy
(310) 214-9411

A California native from Los Angeles, Lynda was influenced by her grandmother, whose approach to bowel management included giving figs, prunes, castor oil, and dispensing enemas to all the grandchildren for nothing other than health, maintenance and love.

Committed to holistic health practices, years later Lynda started doing her own enemas as a way to deepen the effects of various cleanses. Advancing her education in whole body cleansing, Lynda obtained training at The Myrtle Tree, a well known center for health studies, becoming a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist in 2003.

Lynda at the holistic health retreat in Hawaii

Lynda at the holistic health retreat in Hawaii

Lynda completed her formal training at the Santa Monica School of Massage and became a Certified Massage Therapist in 2001.

She has worked with Dr. Ben Weitz of Santa Monica, Dr. Derek Levy and Dr. Harry Fogel of Redondo Beach, California.

Her greatest enjoyment comes from working with clients to cleanse and detoxify their digestive tract. She enjoys helping people design personal programs to improve their health as well as reach their goals for healthy living and well being.

Lynda has worked at Body Alive and Body Clenz. She currently has her own health practice, Intentional Health in the South Bay, and she also provides colonic cleansing at Clear Way Health in the Venice – West Los Angeles area.

Lynda is continuing studies of Quantum Research Analysis to attain Practitioner level.  She has completed the Quantum Health, Grade II and Quantum Reflex Analysis, Level I.

In 2011, Lynda completed the Healthy Breast Teacher Training Program through the Trillium Healing Arts Centre. She also completed the Labor Support (Doula) Workshop in 2008, and the Birth Doula Workshop in 2011, both through DONA International. And since 2006, Lynda has continued to serve on the Advisory Board of American Career College.